Independent Development Programs

Ivan Daniel III President

Ivan Daniel born in Los Angeles CA, four decades of Entertainment and HIV/AIDS experience with extensive sales, theatre, Radio, Fashion, and event/production expertise.

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Sundiata Alaya Vice President

Sundiata Alaye is an award-winning author and lecturer on spiritual psychotherapy for same-gender-loving men of color, a noted authority on the social constructs of black male sexuality and expert on HIV and AIDS.

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Shelly Cook Administrative Assistant & Coordinator

Shelly Flood is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Educator and Certified Addiction Specialist. For over 8 years she has worked with varied populations including those with dual diagnosis of co-occurring maladies, mental health and substance abuse issues.

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Cabrini Snyder Life Coach

Ms. Snyder is a successful author and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She will inspire and empower you.

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Jayce Baron President

Jayce is a writer, social entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT millennial. Born and raised in Southern California with a degree and background in entertainment communications, he has dedicated his skills and experience to advancing the community with a touch of his own flare.

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Siri Singh, Ph.D. Mental Health Specialist

Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh has more than twenty five years experience in facilitating individual, group and/or family therapy; he has also done extensive consultation and training of personnel in various social service agencies.

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