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We are pleased and proud to offer our workshops and retreats for people of color. Our enriching programs are based on our belief that if people know better (correct information and tools), people will do better and help to create a stronger, loving and more supportive community!

Our Wellness Workshops, retreats, and events are a great opportunity for African-American, people of color, and LGBTQ+ communities to celebrate, explore, learn, integrate, and heal mind, body, spirit, and sexuality. We do this using creative interactive interventions: peer-to-peer support, empowerment exercises and sessions, sexual health sessions, mental wellness sessions, experienced financial experts, drug and alcohol counseling, human resource professionals, yoga, meditation, and other practices in a relaxing, supportive and safe environment.

Participants discover new perspectives and learn ways to become more open, resilient, and centered. All retreats are FREE by applying online or by invitation. Please email us