SHELLy Flood, Program Coordinator

Shelly Flood is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Educator and Certified Addiction Specialist. For over 8 years she has worked with varied populations including those with dual diagnosis of co-occurring maladies, mental health and substance abuse issues.

Most recently she contracted with the City of Los Angeles' Gang Reduction Youth Development, GRYD a gang intervention and gang prevention program, serving youth ages 14 to 21, and young adults as old as 30.

Prior, as a after school drug and alcohol educator to Los Angeles Unifies School District students, grades 7th - 12th, Ms. Flood effected measurable positive change in young people's choices pertaining to chemical dependency and gang affiliation. Through these professional experiences she found not only her passion, but calling, for counseling and advocacy in public health.

Alongside her professional career, Ms. Flood has dedicated the last 10 years to honoring the Civil Rights plight of her late father, the former professional baseball player, Curt C. Flood whose case for the right of free agency reached the Supreme Court. In this capacity, she has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, including the HBO documentary, The Curious Case of Curt Flood; ESPN with Bob Ley; Sporting News, and

The endeavor to memorialize his legacy has proven a great privilege, as she’s accepted awards and accolades on her father's behalf, always with an eye for the ultimate recognition, an induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Born in St. Louis, Ms. Flood was raised in Los Angeles, where she currently resides.