WE think differently. WE act differently. WE connect differently.

Our mission is to save lives with an innovative and an interdependent approach to sexual health disparities, and to improve the lives of disenfranchised populations.

We ask individuals, community leaders, civic organizations, and corporations to think and to react beyond the constructs and conscious and unconscious bias of race, gender, sexual identity, religion, and economic status.

We believe in people, and if people know better (correct information/tools/resources) they will do better.

Quality of Life


We believe when people feel good about themselves (mental wellness) they will proactively improve their quality of life.

We strive for better quality of life outcomes, and to reduce stigmas for ALL people affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health, poverty, homelessness, sexual identity, gender identity, domestic violence, lack of education, unemployed/underemployed, and uninsured and under insured.

“Level Up”


We connect individuals and communities to help drive solutions focused on providing the same standard of care for all people living HIV/AIDS, and with quality-of-life disparities.

We co-create and support community partnerships that focus with a ‘level up’/ ‘next level’ approach as it relates to mental health and wellness, HIV/AIDS intervention/prevention, HIV/AIDS care/treatment, LGBTQ communities of color, drug addiction, homelessness, young adults, and aging adults.

Systems of Care


We focus on people of African descent, and the LGBTQ population within communities of color, and specifically MSM, transgenderism, homelessness, the post-incarcerated, and women.

We promote safer sex options to improve lives, to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, and improve outcomes for all people affected by HIV/AIDS and poor sexual health. In addition, we assist these individuals with getting access to systems of care.

The voices of the African-Americans, people of African descent, LGBTQ communities of color, disenfranchised minorities, and indigenous people inform everything we do.