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Carlisha Brown, Transgender/Human rights advocate

From the age of 11-18, Carlisha resided in Sacramento with her mother and lacked stability. Never having a stable environment due to her mothers choice to focus on her husband in prison, rather than her child who had continuous cry’s for help.

Carlisha was left to battle gender identity, sexuality, hyper sexuality, harassment, assault, rape, depression, and many other demons on her own. From the age of 18-26, Carlisha lived as a male. This was because the pressure to to fit in and the need to fill loved out-weighed her truth.

At the age of 19, Carlisha began her career with MAC Cosmetics. Quickly, the makeup empire showed Carlisha the brighter side of life. Carlisha advanced and moved up quickly. She began her journey with MAC Cosmetics in Sacramento as a part-time artist, promoted to San Francisco as a full-time artist working out of the MAC PRO boutique, then promoted to Los Angeles to start her journey in management.

At the age of 26, Carlisha’s internal battle of sexual identity could no longer take the back seat. Before her 27th birthday, Carlisha began her gender-correction journey. Years of depression and battling the inevitable, Carlisha came out boldly as her authentic self. A very real and raw chapter of life was about to begin.

Carlisha had no choice but to transition on the job and literally in front of the public. While transitioning, Carlisha worked at MAC Macy’s Century City, MAC Hollywood and Highland, MAC The Grove, MAC Macy’s Burbank, and is now the Manager of Retail Cosmetics at the MAC Macy’s Fox Hills, as well is the face of MAC Cosmetics Trans Initiative. She will soon be a MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Ambassador (Viva Glam 25).

The last 4 years have been unmeasurably rewarding for several reasons. After surviving a rape in her apartments at the age of 30, Carlisha found herself on a journey of soul-searching and healing. Fortunately, thanks to the time she took out for his self, when MAC Cosmetics presented a project (More Than T, directed by Silas Howard of Transparent) that would soon star Carlisha. She was more than ready to tell her life journey with purpose: a story of resilience, the glow-up, the need for healing, the journey to find the voice, and the need for a stance.

The documentary More Than T opened a new journey of giving back that has been extremely rewarding for Carlisha. She will be the first to tell you she is aware that her transition has been unique, by way of systematic privilege, at the hands of MAC Cosmetics.

Carlisha‘s most recent accomplishments include increased funding for the Trans Latina Correlation/APAIT/The Caitlyn Jenner foundation by Way of MAC Cosmetics; creating beauty days for the youth at the LGBTQ Center by way of MAC Cosmetics; lending her voice to panel and community discussions in the Black Queer continuum in Los Angeles; and standing boldly for Black Lives Matter/Black Trans Lives Matter, as well is very well respected in the beauty industry.

If you ask Carlisha how she wants to be remembered, she will tell you, “I think it’s fair to say I’ve mastered sexy! But what I also mastered is how to be selfless, how to be fair, how to be kind, how to listen, how to feel, and how to be present. Remember me for my acts to leverage equity!”